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We leverage many years of experience to assist you in facing challanges with advising or consulting services, business and product strategy, and management and/or implementation of best of breed technical solutions and architectures.



We provide creative thought-leadership in planning ways to use the best technologies to fit the challange at hand, including:

 > Architecture planning, design and review

 > Migration strategies (updating technologies)  

 > Databases and storage (SQL and NoSQL)

 > Back-end business logic & processing

 > Data processing, ML & AI

 > Full stack (data to visualization, MVC)



Sell the problem you solve rather than your product.  We help mapping your clients' needs to defined solutions and then matching those client-facing products to technology architectures and implementations. Having many years of experience in being that Interface between sales and engineering teams, leads to actual delivery of solutions.



As it's been said, data is the new oil because so much value lives in the data you collect and store, leveraging data has become a necessity. There are many ways to harness that value.  We help bring it to the forefront for visualization. Even better, we help drive real-time decisioning systems that make your products smarter.  We have deep experience in planning, designing, processing, aggregating, analyzing, and operationalizing data including ML & AI.

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